Carboweld 9 WB

Carboweld 9 WB is a fast drying, high zinc content, 2-package pre-construction primer for steel substrates. It performs well as a shop/yard primer for corrosion protection during fabrication phase. It provides cathodic sacrificial protection and thus prevents corrosion of the underlying steel, like galvanizing. It contains 81% zinc dust by weight in the dried film. This waterborne product has no VOC or flash point. It can be used as a shop primer when weldability and corrosion protection are necessary. Use it in industrial, marine & process environments.

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Features & Benefits

  • High zinc content
  • Zero VOC, water based formula
  • Cathodic protection
  • Excellent undercutting resistance
  • Weldable pre-construction primer
  • Certified for potable water use under ANSI/NSF
  • Standard 61 by Underwriters Laboratories (see Limitations)